Welcome to the NFAO blogging site

This site is provided so that we can write about our experiences of working in mental healthcare. We are living through challenging times and the dilemmas we face in our complex work are interesting; they are worth exploring. You might have found that constant service reconfigurations and tighter budgets mean it is more difficult to work ethically. It is harder to treat people with care and compassion when there are many other demands on our time, but we know that good work is still being done. Please do share your experiences.

People who receive care and treatment are welcome to comment and contribute, along with their families and carers. But the main focus of this blog site is the difficulties workers face in delivering that care and treatment.

We have a ‘mystery mental health blogger’ to start us off. This is the first of several blogs which will be published here. Please do make comments or contribute your own blog. Take care however to change names and details which might identify anyone. The point of this is to prompt debate. The difficulty you face today might have been solved by someone else, or it might not, but it is unlikely that you are the only person who is struggling with it.

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